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Results page

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Welcome to our results page!!

I had tried for months doing every work out video I could get my hands on.and walking with not a lot  to show for my efforts.  Then I found Boot Camp Richmond and that
is where I found Kevin Paul who is now my trainer. It is so hard to belive that in about 2 weeks I have seen so much difference in my body! I am still a work in
progress. I am staying on my diet Kevin put me on and am going to keep working with him as my trainer .
Kevin cares about the people he works with and I feel he truly gets excited to see the progress you make.  Kevin  gives you  a good work out but at the same time
he makes it fun because of his personality.  If you are on the same old road I was on here is your exit ! It will not be a wrong turn. BUT, you have to want to work at it
and do what you are told diet wise..... It is not that hard..  
Cozzett Wills

Thank you again for a great workout Saturday.  I enjoyed it and look forward to more boot camp.  I actually was not sore that night or today.  Sometimes for me, I feel the delayed onset in 40 to 48 hours so I'll let you know if I feel sore anywhere on Monday.  Although lately I get winded sort of easily, I think my body can take punishment.

If for some reason we decide to leave for Philadelphia later in the am than currently planned, I'll let you know since I'll be able to attend 7am boot camp, if so.

Have a great week,

Life is too short to not get fit and enjoy it!!!!